Identity Design

BOTANIC ART is the Berlin-based Floral Design studio of Hürriyet Bulan. This custom designed logo typeface and icon feature curved letterform strokes with slightly flared ends inspired by stems, reflecting the wild, organic nature of Hürriyet's practice. A set of image assets highlight the logo woven into the photographs which are sold under the subplatform BOTANIC ART PRINTS. 

The Icon

The custom B may be isolated as an icon, either with the brand name below or to the right, or on its own. The letterform is woven within the branches and stems of Hürriyet's prints for Brand Images that feel layered and alive.

The Shop

A suggested design for the integrated e-commerce platform Botanic Art Prints.

Print Shop

Suggested designs for e-commerce and print collatoral of a new platform, Botanic Art Prints.